Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS – V1.98 (Unlimited Money)

Traffic Rider MOD APK for IOS
GameTraffic Rider MOD APK IOS
DeveloperSoner Kara
Size of APK144.2MB
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, No ADs
IOS Version15.7 or Above

Are you an IOS user and want Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS? Some people need clarification on whether they got an iPhone or iPad and might need help accessing the MOD APK from google chrome or another browser. So get ready; we’re here to help you to download the Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS device.

You can also download many other MOD APKs on your IOS device by following the procedure we’ll share with you today. But, first, let’s take a deep look into IOS restrictions or why IOS restricts users from downloading resources from web chrome or other third-party websites available over the internet. Don’t forget to entertain yourself by playing Car Town Streets Mod APK.

IOS Restriction

Successful companies always think about their user privacy. Their main goal or aim is to protect their users from any hacker or virus available over the internet. That is why the Apple Operating System is also known as the most secure operating system in this era of technology.

Apple’s Operating system does not allow users to download any app outside of APP STORE, so the device may remain safe from malware or viruses. Still, there is an option in the system setting app that allows you to download apps from Google web chrome. Car parking multiplayer mod menu is the similar android racing game comes in advanced features.

Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS

A racing game with millions of lovers, is an endless track game with up to 34+ glorious bikes available that allow gamers to rock on the highways with their skills, tips, and tricks by facing traffic and other road obstacles. Its 3d graphics attract gamers to play it repeatedly and score higher to rank on the leaderboard. You would like to play Getting over it free on android.

Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS

In this MOD APK, you’ll have unlimited cash and gold, So don’t hesitate during shopping. You can unlock up to 34+ bikes that are available in the garage. You can also upgrade bikes to their peak, customize bike appearance, and access four different modes in different locations with fantastic weather. Enjoy car parking mod apk.

Tremendous Features of APK

As I discussed above, the features of APK. So, let’s dive deep into the features one by one:

Traffic Rider Mod APK IOS Unlimited Money

3D Graphics

According to Google Play Store data, and the game is incompletely programmed if its graphics are different from user expectations, which is why the traffic rider has 500M+ downloads. Its 3d graphics grab every gamer’s attention to ride their favorite bike on endless tracks to score higher to rank their positions on the online leaderboard.

Endless Roads

Most famous games in the market, like Asphalt 9, Need for speed, CarX Street Mod APK, and Forza Horizon 5, has tracks that end after some time off racing. But, In this game, you’re going to ride on unmeasurable roads and highways without any fuel limitation. Some terrific game modes are described below:

  • Career Mode: Up to 78+ missions are waiting for you.
  • Time Trial Mode: 100 seconds to bang on the road.
  • Endless Mode: Ride in your style, but remember, if you hit any car game ends.
  • Free Mode: Polish your skill in this mode to rank higher on the leaderboard.
Traffic Rider APK IOS Modes


Some people asked how to complete levels of Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS? You must have to play because you don’t have any aim to win the game and ride nicely on the road by passing through high obstacles with your highly polished skills to achieve 78+ levels. Whenever you pass a mission with a new higher score, your level will automatically upgrade.

Levels of Traffic Rider Mod APK IOS

Language Barrier

Are you facing a language barrier? Soner Kara introduces Traffic Rider with up to 19+ languages, So it doesn’t matter where you are from or what language you’re native to. Just choose your language from the setting, compete with online friends and rank your name in the leaderboard.

Features of Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS

Features that allow gamers to think outside of the box and enjoy games according to their will like they’ve their world of racing. Let’s dive deep into the MOD features of this APK:

Features of Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS

Unlimited Cash

Gamers want suitable bikes to ride on the highway to score as high as possible to defeat other leaderboard players. But how it’s possible? In this MOD APK, you’ve unlimited cash and gold coins to buy an extreme-level bike and customize it like jumping on a band way.

Secondly, download the standard app and follow all rules and regulations to buy your favorite bike; you’ve to wait a long time to achieve it. Now the ball is in your court.

No ADs

Is another fantastic feature that most online gamers admire because, in online gaming, some games make revenue by running ADs streams. But in this apk and My Singing monster Mod APK, you’re not going to face any ADs while playing online with friends or against competitors.

Last Update

Soner Kara never disappoint our expectation as usual, in the last update 3 beast are added in garage with top-notch features and incredible design, also added 15+ new missions in career mode to engage their gamers, and stickers for your bike body to make it more eye-catchy. You can Download The Latest Version Of GBWhatsapp Pro APK.

How to Download Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS?

All you need is to change some settings in the settings application of your iPhone or iPad and download the zipper application on your IOS device. But you can’t understand it like this. Let’s learn by following some points:

  1. Download the file from above.
  2. Go to the settings of your device.
  3. Go to Screen Time > Content and Privacy Restriction.
  4. Allow Installing App option.
  5. Extract your downloaded file with Zip App.
  6. Install after extraction.
  7. Hurrah! We made it.
How to Download Traffic Rider MOD APK IN IOS?
How to Download Traffic Rider MOD APK IN IOS?
How to Download Traffic Rider MOD APK IN IOS?

  • Realistic 3d graphics
  • 34+ bikes are available to ride on 
  • 4 different highways with fabulous day and night features 
  • Unlimited Money
  • No ADs

  • It may heat your device
  • Repetitive gameplay

Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Rider was released on 3 May 2019 by Soner Kara (Developer).

Yes, you can access it free of cost.

It uses up to 141.3 MB of your device storage.

You can achieve up to 78+ levels by using your skills.

Traffic Rider is a racing game with endless highways and much more.


People who love to play racing games must see the game’s features before downloading it. If we count, all the feature Traffic Rider has all fabulous features, bikes, realistic 3d graphics, and a fantastic user interface with many different highways. 

Before I conclude this topic, I must tell you that if you’re still confused about this game, please visit Traffic Rider MOD APK blog post to read more interesting facts and features about it. If you’re facing any issues regarding playing, updating, downloading, and in the installation process, make a comment below so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

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