Traffic Rider APK for PC or Windows 7, 10, 11

Don’t have an android or IOS device to play Traffic Rider? Or, if you want to experience it on a bigger screen with extra controls and down-to-earth graphics, let’s examine Traffic Rider APK and its significant features available on PC or windows. All highlighted features of Traffic Rider APK for PC are the same as mobile features, but you’ve got an edge on controlling the bike.

  • Pro Tip

You can feel more detail or comprehensive graphic experience on a bigger screen before the handlebar on a moped. Controlling a bike using a keyboard or mouse is more efficient than a touch screen, allowing you to score higher and reach the finish line as early as possible to reach the next level or unlock a new mission.

Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider, your bike garage, is a racing game that allows gamers to ride their favorite bike on endless highways, with 3d graphics, and 4 different modes. Riding on the highway at high speed, you can easily score higher and place your name on the online leaderboard or complete a mission to unlock new missions or achievements.

Traffic Rider APK for PC
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Soner Kara, the creator of Traffic Rider, is working hard on different aspects of the game, especially on the interface and graphics, to engage people or users by entertaining them more. You can unlock up to 34+ bikes available in the garage, 4 modes with different seasons, and customize bikes according to your needs.

Significant Features

Some eye-catchy features of Traffic Rider APK attract gamers toward him to play it repeatedly to unlock new missions or big achievements. So let’s take a deep look at its features and significant characteristics:

Endless Roads

Traffic Rider is one of the most popular game because of its endless track. People, after work, kill their dull time by riding their favorite bike on endless tracks, but you’ve to ride carefully in some modes because if you hit a car or obstacles, your game ends there, and you’ve to make a new start again.

3D Graphics

The backbone of every game is its realistic graphics, as this game comes with 3d graphics that attract or engage gamers to play it repeatedly and try to score as high as possible to rank their name on the leaderboard.

Language Barrier

Are you not an English native? Soner Kara added up to 19+ languages in Traffic Rider, So it doesn’t matter where you’re from or which language is your native, just go to the game setting, select your language and bang on the highway with your favorite bike.

34+ Bikes

A list of 34+ bikes is another factor for gamers to engage themselves and unlock the new bikes, but, In the market, alternatives are available to unlock all bikes right after downloading the Traffic Rider MOD APK, and you can easily get rid of Ads campaign while playing online with your buddies.

78+ Missions

Career mode is a black hole of missions in which you’ve to ride on highways with upgraded bikes and skills to go through traffic and reach the finish line as early as you can level up and earn money to unlock a new bike or mode.


Modify your bike according to your needs, but much money or cash is needed for modification or customization. You can do shopping without tension by downloading Traffic Rider MOD APK.


Most racing games have an ending point or finish line, and they’ve only a career mode in which you can ride through a point and complete a mission to unlock the next one. In Traffic Rider, you’ve got 4 modes to ride a bike freely. So, let’s take a comprehensive look at these modes:

Endless Mode

Endless mode, a significant mode of the game, you can easily score high and earn money to buy or unlock a new bike or customize it in your way, but if you’ve got an accident with a car or any other obstacles, your game will end. So polish your skills to get immense control of your bike on the road.

Career Mode

An eye on the finish line, in this mode, you’ll experience more than 78+ missions, and each mission has its strenuous level and demands a bike with upgraded abilities to reach the ending point within a given time.

Time Trial Mode

For the interview of 100 seconds, go through the traffic at high speed on the wrong way to score as higher as possible to place your name on the top of the points table, but if you don’t have polished skills and you’re repeatedly crashing bike with obstacles, So I do recommend you to polish your skills then try your best luck.

Free Ride Mode

Examine yourself and practice in this mode to tell your competitor that everything is possible to beat because in this mode, if you crash your bike, the game will not end there you’ve got unlimited revision to make yourself perfect.

Last Update

Stickers that will decorate your bike are added by Soner Kara in the last update, and much more like 3 new top-notch bikes with 14+ new levels are added in career mode.

How to Download Traffic Rider APK for PC?

To Play Traffic Rider on our PC or windows, we first download an emulator on our PCs as Bluestack or Memu play. Using these emulators, you can download many other android games on your PCs or windows. Follow these steps to make it easy for everyone:

  1. Download these emulators on your PCs.
  2. After installation, open the emulator.
  3. You can easily find the Google Play Store icon, click on it to open it.
  4. Search Traffic Rider in the search bar and click on the installation button.
  5. After installation, go to installed games and open Traffic Rider.
  6. Finally, we did it.
How to Download Traffic Rider APK for PC?
How to Download Traffic Rider APK for PC?
How to Download Traffic Rider APK for PC?

  • More realistic due to the big screen
  • Highly controllable
  • Endless tracks 
  • Down-to-earth graphics

  • Your device may start heating after some time
  • Most repeatedly mode

Frequently Asked Questions

You can play it on your PC using the emulators available in Google, like Gameloop, Memu play, Bluestack, etc.

You can download it on your laptop by installing the emulators available in Google, like Gameloop, Memu play, Bluestack, etc.

Almost all android games are easily available to play on your laptop or PC.

Using emulators, you can easily play all mobile simulation games on a PC.

Many games have relative traffic, like rFactor 2, Need for Speed, Richard Burn Rally, etc.


Statistical data on Google Play Store tells us that Soner Kara works hard on Traffic Rider’s significant features to entertain their users. Modes and down-to-earth 3d graphics are the backbones of this game. If you’re still confused about this game to play on your big screen, download and play at least once to experience endless roads on your dreamed bike.

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