What Does Gold do in Traffic Rider? Detail Review

Did you visit the garage of Traffic Rider? Nope, this’s the main reason behind this question: What does gold do in Traffic Rider? You can access or unlock new, premium bikes from the garage using gold and purchase many other Traffic Rider features.

But how can we earn these gold coins? Earning these gold coins is difficult same as completing a mission or overtaking traffic on the highway, but there’re many quick and easy ways to get gold coins. So, get ready; we’re going to dive into today’s comprehensive topic:

What Does Gold do in Traffic Rider Garage?

You can unlock your premium bike collection using gold coins in the garage like Kawasaki RH2, which can cost 700 gold coins but many premium collections can be purchased only with cash. But how to earn 700 gold coins? Many gamers and I also get tense myself when we take a look at this beast and wanted to purchase it but can’t so, we find techniques to earn gold coins.

what does gold do in traffic rider

Gold Helps to Revive You?

Yup, if you’re playing career mode or endless mode and you’re near to achieving a new high score and had a crash with obstacles so, you’ve got an option to use gold coins to revive yourself again in the game to achieve what you’re craving.

What does gold do in traffic rider - Gold helps to revive you

How to Earn Gold?

There’re several short ways to earn quick gold coins but limited and may be tricky in some cases, let’s dig deep into each of them to find out which one is best:

Social Sharing

You can earn gold coins by following Soner Kara on their social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to get up[date yourself about Traffic Rider and other games like Traffic Racer and Wings on Fire.

What does gold do in traffic rider - social sharing

Completing Missions in Time

It’s a tricky part you’ve to complete the mission in career mode before some time limit to earn an extra gold coin but only 1 gold coin. You can also earn them by completing some high-end missions on both maps.

What does gold do in traffic rider - completing mission

Quick Method

Want to get access to unlimited resources like unlimited cash and gold coins, so download Traffic Rider MOD APK to enjoy seamless shopping from the garage and unstoppable customization of your bike collections.

Traffic Rider MOD APK Features

Frequently Asked Questions

There’re a lot of ways and tricks to make money in Traffic Rider but the best way is to ride continuously in endless mode to earn quick money.

In the last update, Soner Kara added more tasks for professional gamers and now there’re 78+ levels with 2 different maps waiting for you.

Soner Kara is the official developer and owner of Traffic Rider and other beasts production in the racing industry.

It’s totally free of cost and anyone can access it using the Google Play Store or Apple APP Store.

Yes, you can play Traffic Rider offline but if you want to compete with your friends in Google Play Service, for that you’ve to connect it to the internet.


The conclusion means to close the topic with some extra addition or tip, in this era, everyone’s in hurry and wants to jump into the final chapter but some like challenges, so the point is who wants a quick and easy way to unlock all things and ride with their lovely beast on endless highways, we’ll highly recommend you to download the modified version of Traffic Rider and get yourself relax about how to unlock premium bikes or features.

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