Wings on Fire MOD APK – Endless Flight V1.36 (Unlimited Money)

Wings on Fire MOD APK
Game Name   Wings on Fire MOD APK
Developer   Soner Kara
Category   Action
Size of APK   46 MB
MOD   Unlimited Coins and Gems
Android Version   5.0 or Above
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After gaining massive success in Traffic Racer and Traffic Rider, Soner Kara introduced the gaming world with their fantastic game Wings on Fire MOD APK. As many people love to ride or drive on endless tracks, this game also highlights the same feature of nonstop flights on the plane of eagle feathers. According to the Google Play Store statistical data, up to 10+ million players entertain themselves with this game.

Open Wings and Fly

Wings on fire, your private jet, is a plane airbase where you can choose your plane and fly it under your sky and compete with bot’s planes and crash it. 3D graphics and an excellent user interface allow gamers to apply their strategies on personal jets and score higher as they can to rank their name on the online leaderboards.

A list of 15 aircraft with unique flying features pushes gamers to fly them and rank higher to play as complex as possible. But, some people ask, how can we rank higher? Firstly, polish your skills against your competitor by practicing “Practice Make Man Perfect.” Secondly, apply your talent and compete yourself.

What is Wings on Fire MOD APK?

Wings on Fire MOD APK, a world to fly by, is a modified version of Wings on Fire, in which you’ve unlimited coins and gems to buy up to 12 jets and upgrade their weak points and shop anything or abilities. But why only 12 aircraft? Because three jets are exclusive, you’ve to buy them with real currency.

The weak point of many gamers is that they seem that if they’ve got a good jet, nothing matters. But, you must upgrade your abilities to their peaks using gems or gold coins. But, one thing you won’t be able to unlock with money is the difficulty stages. For that, you’ve to rank yourself higher to unlock them all.

Features to Fly With

Why do we discuss the characteristics of every game? Because the first thing every gamer sees in-game is features that make the game apart glorious from others. So let’s have a comprehensive look at Wing’s on Fire MOD APK:

Features to Fly With

Private Jet

15 combat jets are available in the garage to fly with. Some are ready to fly in mod APK, and some are exclusive, which you can buy with real currency. You can easily upgrade or power up your abilities using gems or coins. Some best marshal jets are listed below:

  • An2-Wre (can only be accessed with real currency).
  • An2-Cni
  • An2-Lfa


Backbone to see before downloading the game is its graphics. Wings on Fire MOD APK comes up with realistic 3d graphics. Gamers enjoy each level playing the game and convert their real-life flight experience.

Online Leaderboard

You can connect your game to Google play service and participate in the online leaderboard. It’s competitive for someone who doesn’t polish their skills or practice, But if you’re a self-learner and make challenges for yourself, you’ll place your name on top of the leaderboard.


Do you want to face high-difficulty stages? So, be prepared to achieve status like an army pilot. Some ranks are described below:

Normal Required Rank Corporal
Hard Required Rank Flight Lieutenant
Nightmare Required Rank Marshal

Device Compatibility

RAM Needed 1GB or above
ROM Needed 500MB or above
Required OS 5.0

How to Install Wings on Fire MOD APK?

As android devices disallow users to download games or files from outside or unknown sources like browsers or third party apps, but you can easily download this apk on your smart devices by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to setting application.
  2. Search for security options.
  3. Find an option named “Unknown Sources.”
  4. Check it or Enable it.
  5. Then go to File Manager and open the Mod APK file.
  6. Click on the installation button.
  7. Hurrah! You made it.
How to Install Traffic Rider Mod APK?
How to Install Traffic Rider Mod APK?
How to Install Wings on Fire MOD APK?

  • Free of cost
  • Realistic 3d graphics 
  • Play with friends and compete 
  • Compete yourself on leaderboard

  • Modes options are not available
  • Your device may heat up after some time

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve to buy these planes with real currency because they’ve edge features highly.

Yes, you can by connecting your game with Google Play Service.

No, you’ve to fly your jet in only one location without accessing any mode or location, But we hope that may Soner Kara introduces users to these kinds of options in-game in the next update.


Experience an aircraft in the air under your control is a huge opportunity. Everyone, like to ride or drive a car or bike but flying an aircraft, is quite different and highly interesting for gamers like me. You must download and play the game at least one time in your life to entertain yourself while doing some busy stuff to refresh your mind.

If you’ve any queries or issues regarding Wings on Fire MOD APK, comment below, So our team will work on our weak points.

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