How to Play Traffic Rider or Control Your Bike?

Want to learn smooth ways to ride a bike? Traffic Rider has many control options that allow users to play the game freely. But how to play Traffic Rider with easy controls? Traffic Rider is not just a racing game but also allows gamers to experience realistic features and premium bike rides.

With millions of downloads and positive reviews in the Google Play Store, Traffic Rider also comes up with many down-to-earth features like its premium bikes, realistic 3d graphics, endless highways, and bike customization options. When it comes to the topic of controls, you’ve numerous options to ride a bike; let’s dig deep into the topic to find out the best one:

Controls of Traffic Rider

4 different types of controls for Traffic Rider give you wings to ride a bike in your style, but which one is suitable? The 1 you find for yourself fit 1 because it’s all about your riding method and finger movements. These 4 different riding methods help you to play Traffic Rider smoothly. These 4 controls are listed below:


In this method, you’ve to tilt your device to move your bike from right to left easily by giving the accelerator and applying brakes from same position in screen, these changes were made in the last update by Soner Kara.

Play Traffic Rider - Tilt


Want to move a bike using buttons, maybe it’s difficult for someone, but it is easy for those who polished themselves for it. You’ve both acceleration and brake in the same position, which creates an issue in handling the bike.

Play Traffic Rider - Button


Moving your bike using a handlebar is another realistic feature of a Traffic Rider; you just have to move your bike using a handlebar as real in life, and you get acceleration and brake at the position on the right side of the screen (default positioning).

Play Traffic Rider - Handlebar


As many people ask how you play Traffic Rider using a gamepad or other gaming accessories, this option allows you to connect your physical gamepad with the game and enjoy your riding.

Play Traffic Rider - Gamepad

Is Bike Help to Play Traffic Rider Smoothly?

Here’s a question: Yup, you’ve to choose the best bike to enhance your riding on endless highways. As better bikes give you better results, how can we unlock premium bikes initially? A modified version of Traffic Rider is available on the internet; by downloading this modified version, you can easily access the premium features of the Traffic Rider APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can play Traffic Rider easily using 4 different control methods in settings.

There’re 2 different maps consisting of 78+ missions of 4 different categories.

Many people achieve high scores, but according to statistical data available on YouTube, many gamers have archives scores across lacs+.

Yes, you can easily play Traffic Rider online by connecting your game with the Google Play Service app and competing with your contact friends.

If you’re playing Traffic Rider online, in this case, you’ve to connect your game with Wi-Fi or any other internet or ethernet, but if you’re playing only to complete missions, then NO.


This article may help you to get out of this question like, how do you play Traffic Rider? But many beginners need clarification in the controls section, like which one is suitable for them; my suggestion for beginners is to go with the Tilt option because it’s the default option, and many pro gamers are using it to achieve high scores.

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