How to Unlock All Bikes in Traffic Rider?

You’ll need plenty of cash, gold, and coins to get an answer for how to unlock all bikes in Traffic Rider and ride them all. But I’ll tell you one of our secret tricks for avoiding this laborious and time-consuming procedure. Unlocking all the bikes in Traffic Rider adds to the excitement and enhances your gaming experience. 

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In Traffic Rider, there are more than 20 motorcycles that you may unlock. Unlocking every bike in Traffic Rider is a complex operation. Let’s go through both procedures in further depth.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to unlock all the bikes, and share some useful tricks, to help you become a master of the road.

How To Unlock All Bikes in Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a thrilling and popular mobile game by Soner Kara that offers an immersive motorcycle racing experience by unlocking all bikes. To unlock all the bikes, follow these general steps.

Progress through Levels

As you play , you will earn experience points by completing missions. Accumulating experience points will allow you to level up and unlock new bikes.

How to Unlock All Bikes in Traffic Rider - Progress through Levels

Purchase Bikes

Once you have enough cash or gold, head to the “Bike Shop” section in the game, browse through the available bikes, and choose the one you want to unlock. Each cycle has a specific price; some might require a higher player level to access it.

Purchase Bikes

Complete Missions and Challenges

The game offers a variety of missions. Completing these missions helps you level up faster and provides the necessary funds to unlock new bikes.

Daily Achievements

Participate in daily challenges and strive to complete achievements. These activities can earn you extra rewards, including cash and gold, which will aid in unlocking bikes.

Daily Achievements

Useful Tricks To Unlock All Bikes

Here are some useful tricks to unlock the all bikes.

Perfect Overtakes

When overtaking vehicles, pass them as closely as possible without colliding. Performing perfect overtakes rewards you with extra cash and bonus points.

Perfect Overtakes

High Speeds and Stunts

Riding at high speeds and performing stunts like wheelies and close passes can earn you additional cash. Use this cash to unlock bikes faster.

High Speeds and Stunts

Consistent Gameplay

Regularly playing the game, even for short periods, will help you accumulate experience points, cash, and gold more efficiently.

Consistent Gameplay

Unlock All Bikes With Secret Method

The goal of eager gamers is to unlock every motorbike so they may ride and control them. Each bike has unique characteristics of its own. Some are particularly quick, while others are better suited to control systems. 

Unlocking every bike in the game requires unlimited money and coins. I am disclosing some insider tips and strategies for making money in traffic riders.

  • To make more money, choose the other lane.
  • Gain gold by liking social networking sites and viewing videos.
  • Earn money by completing missions.

You can use these resources to buy and unlock new motorbikes once you have accumulated all the coins and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can unlock bikes using in-game currency earned through missions, challenges, and gameplay. In-app purchases are optional and can expedite the process.

Once you’ve unlocked multiple bikes, you can switch between them before starting a race.

Final Verdict

You can access a diverse range of bikes by progressing through levels, completing missions, gathering in-game currency, and utilizing the right strategies. Remember to enjoy the thrill of the ride while mastering the roads and collecting your dream bikes along the way.

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