How to Overtake in Traffic Rider? – Tricks Revealed

Do you want to polish your skills on endless highways? How to overtake in Traffic Rider? Both are tricky questions to be answered, but the tricky thing is to achieve a combo by taking overtake in Traffic Rider. Everything is possible, but it demands effort and time. The more you spend time and do practice more combo you’ll achieve.

I’d entertained myself while riding the premium bike of Traffic Rider on roads and faced the same issues you’re facing now. So, I’ll share my tips and tricks to acquire max combos at high speed without crashing the bike. So, let’s take a deep look inside your related bug and fix it as soon as possible without further ado:

Traffic Rider Overview

Down-to-earth graphics, the collection of realistic bikes with real-time exhaust experience, endless highways, customizable bikes, and many more features make Traffic Rider a favorite game among all types of ages and has millions of downloads and reviews according to statistical data available on Google Play Store.

Traffic Rider MOD APK IOS

The developer of Traffic Rider also adds a fantastic variation of change of seasons, time, and many other add-ons, so every gamer experience real-time riding. 4 modes, 78+ levels, and a list of 34+ bikes in Traffic Rider grab players’ attention to kill repetitive gameplay. Players have become addicted to completing the new missions as soon as possible.

How to Overtake in Traffic Rider? – Best Techniques

Always ride the bike on the middle road so you can quickly move your bike from left to right and have significant chances to overtake and achieve combos. Firstly, select tilt controls to move your bike from left to right (personal finding). The second thing you must do is fully control the brakes to avoid crashing.

Overtake in Traffic Rider

Ride above 100 KMPH to earn points for overtakes as fast you tilt as max combos you’ll achieve, and if all lanes are blocked, use brakes to avoid a crash and ride as far as possible to score higher with combos to earn quick game cash to upgrade existing bike or unlock a new bike.

  • Pro Tip

All techniques are useable only when you practice and spend time, and you’ll quickly overtake cars, trucks, and other vehicles after many attempts and failures. Failure is a lesson that teaches us not to give up at all.

Rewards of Overtakes

In career mode and time trial mode overtakes, add time in your given time to score higher or complete missions, but in endless mode, there’s no time limit. These surpass help you earn more cash to buy premium features or unlock your favorite pie from the garage. You can earn more rewards in Shadow fight 2 mod menu.

Related Missions

There are a bunch of missions related to this stunt in career mode; all missions with complete details are given below:

Mission 5Overtake 10 cars in 40 seconds.
Mission 6Overtake 20 cars in 65 seconds.
Mission 14Overtake 25 cars in 65 seconds.
Mission 16Reach 8 max combo in 45 seconds.
Mission 20Overtake 20 cars in 50 seconds.
Mission 21Overtake 50 cars in 90 seconds.
Mission 29Reach 20 max combo in 50 seconds.
Mission 34Reach 40 max combo in 75 seconds.
Mission 36Overtake 85 cars in 120 seconds.
Mission 38Overtake 50 cars in 80 seconds.
Mission 47Overtake 60 cars in 85 seconds.
Mission 48Overtake 70 cars in 100 seconds.
Mission 51Overtake 100 cars in 140 seconds.
Mission 53Reach 50 max combo in 100 seconds.
Mission 57Overtake 30 cars in 50 seconds.
Mission 58Overtake 80 cars in 100 seconds.
Mission 62Overtake 100 cars in 120 seconds.
Mission 63Reach 40 max combo in 75 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overtakes tell to close takes to the car to add some seconds to a timer or earn more cash.

You can easily overtake or close-take anywhere on the highway.

Soner Kara is the primary developer, designer, and owner of Traffic Rider APK.

No, Traffic Rider is a racing game, and you can also play it on the computer using different emulators.

Yes, Traffic rider supports MFI, so you can play Traffic Rider using controllers.


If you want to ride like a professional on endless highways, you must practice the techniques discussed above and spend time. The above-listed missions tell us that a main chunk of the game is on today’s topic. So, this skill matters a lot in all aspects. As the technique mentioned above is practically performed, it’ll help you get what you want.

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