Best Method to Make Money in Traffic Rider – 2024

Do you want to unlock your favorite bike but need more money? So, today we’ll discuss some best method to make money in Traffic Rider so that we can unlock premium features and bikes. There’re a lot of methods available in the game to earn money, but you must have some tips and tricks as well as some skills to utilize all those methods.

Traffic Rider, a racing game, is a favorite among all gamers because of its 3D graphics, premium bike garage, multiple modes, and much more. Its down-to-earth graphics and 78+ missions grab a lot of attention from gamers, so they play it repeatedly, but some of them quit it because they don’t have enough money to unlock top-notch bikes and perform better in the game as the ball is in your court now.

Best Method to Make Money in Traffic Rider

So, how can we make quick money in the game? There’re a lot of methods available in the market to make money and unlock bikes and other premium features, but we’ll share personal methods that we used to make quick and brisk money. So, let’s take a deep dive:

4 Best Method to Make Money in Traffic Rider

As mentioned above, these methods are experienced by us, and our main objective is to convey our experience to other gamers. So, they become perform best on the online leaderboards and compete with other players. You can earn money by playing Download Stumble Guys Mod.

Playing in Time Trial Mode

In this mode, you’ve 100 seconds to earn money by following these tricks:

  1. Riding your bike over 100 KMPH.
  2. Take close takes to cars and other obstacles, and this thing will add some extra time to your timer.
  3. If you’ve some cash in your account, so first unlock its night mode because, in this mode, you can earn up to 30% extra cash.

Playing in Endless Mode

After Career mode, one of the primary mode of the game, we can quickly make money by riding a bike in this mode using the listed tips and tricks:

  1. Remember 1 thing: ride above 100 KMPH on the highway to score higher and earn more money.
  2. Taking a close take at other cars and traffic will boost your score. A high score is ultimately equal to money.
  3. Using the Wheelie option while riding can boost your score to 4X.
  4. Also, unlock other modes like night and evening to earn an extra percentage each time.

Daily Bonuses

After each day, you’ll receive a daily bonus, which also helps us unlock small features of the game and upgrade our existing bike. Sometimes it was cash, and sometimes it’s a gold coin that could use to revive our rider after crashing in any mode.

Daily Bonuses in Traffic Rider

Subscribing to their Social Platform

By subscribing to them on their social platform, you can earn gold coins, but you can do it only 1 time.

Subscribing to their Social Platform in Traffic Rider
  • Pro Tip

Save your earned cash in your account and wait until it’s equal to unlocking a new bike from the garage. Never spend your money upgrading your existing bike color, changing the gloves pattern, and adding some tattoos to your bike.

How to Get Unlimited Coins and Cash?

Interesting question; everyone seeks a straightforward way to unlock their favorite bikes and other premium features of Traffic Rider. Firstly, we suggest you play and enjoy the classic game, so after every unlocks, it’s more happening to you, and you’ll engage more with it.

You can easily find the modified version of this game named Traffic Rider MOD APK in Google Chrome. Programmers changed some files of the game to provide premium resources for free, like all bikes are unlocked, unlimited coins and cash. Modes are also unlocked, and much more. You just bang on the highway along your favorite pie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just press accelerate button without the tension of fuel on endless highways with different variations of seasons and don’t panic about time constraints.

You can entertain yourself with up to 78+ missions available in Traffic Rider.

I’ve been addicted to this game for the last 4 years because of its good graphics and the variety of bikes available in the garage.

Yup, Traffic Rider APK is free, and you can easily access this game from Google Play Store.

Firstly, gold coins are used to revive our rider after a crash with obstacles, but if you’ve got a lot of gold coins, you’ll unlock some of the premium bikes in the garage.


If you’re still confused about how to make unlimited money, we suggest you go with Traffic Rider MOD APK to get unlimited money and coins to unlock premium bikes and features of the game. We’ll also suggest you at least give 1 try to yourself. That everything is possible, but complicated things take time and effort.

What, we missed a topic? Comment below if you’ve any other trick not covered in this article. So, our team works on that a drive a better version of this article.

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