How to do a Wheelie in Traffic Rider? Best Tricks in 2023

Are you still crashing your bike while wheeling? Get ready today; we’ll share excellent tips to improve your last while wheelie in Traffic Rider. All you need to do is practice and spend some time with the best bikes of Traffic Rider, but if you follow some tips and put in the effort, you will get them after some attempts.

Traffic Rider, an addiction for gamers, is a racing game with millions of downloads on Google Play Store and active players around the globe. This APK comes in 19+ languages and has many other realistic features, like a garage full of premium bikes, rational 3D graphics, astonishing gameplay modes, and endless highways. Wheelie is one of the favorite stunts for gamers. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Wheelie in Traffic Rider

Want to ride your bike on one wheel but still face obstacles and blocked roads? If you want to add scores and time in time trial mode, the wheeling stunt will boost and help you score higher, but the wheeling stunt is not easy while facing high-traffic roads over 100 KMPH because you can’t see upcoming cars or trucks while wheeling.

Wheelie in Traffic Rider

So, what kind of tricks will help us? Wheeling is accessible in the daytime because, in night mode, traffic is not much clear and has significant chances of bike crashing. As discussed above, we can’t see upcoming traffic while wheeling. You must do a wheelie in the middle row to quickly move your bike to avoid crashing.

How Long Will We do Wheelie?

You can do a wheelie for 5 seconds only, and the wheeling option refresh time is 10 seconds, so you can easily do this stunt in a single gameplay several times, but only if you don’t face a blocked road or have had an accident with traffic.

Which Bike is Best for Wheelie?

The top 6 bikes are highly recommended for a wheelie in Traffic Rider, as these bikes have top-notch features and excellent grip on the road while riding on endless highways, but these bikes are highly premium and costly.

Wheelie in Traffic Rider

So how do we get them? There’re 2 ways; firstly, you must ride in endless mode to earn quick money. Secondly, download a MOD APK file and get access to the premium features of Traffic Rider APK, like 34+ bikes, unlimited gold, and cash that make your purchasing easy forever.


  • Give a boost to your score
  • Add time in your time trial mode
  • You’ll learn new skills to beat your competitors easily 

  • You’d lose scores if your bike crashed
  • You’ll not see upcoming
  • Not worthy in career mode

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily do a wheelie; after level 5, a button appears while riding that can take up to 10 seconds, and after 10 seconds, you can easily do a wheelie for the next 5 seconds.

You can do an effortless wheelie by following these steps:

  • Click on a wheelie button; you can easily find it on down right
  • Accelerate less to face low traffic
  • Now enjoy it for the next 5 seconds

For this, you must have an excellent balance technique and moving capabilities, but some method is also shared above.


Each tip and trick will help you learn new skills and stunts and beat your competitors easily on the online leaderboard; it’ll also help you score higher and unlock new missions in career mode. Wheelie is one of the premium stunts in this game that allow gamers to think outside the box and ride in their style, ultimately earning more cash.

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