Traffic Rider Rules in 2023 – What You Need to Know?

Every game has some rules and barriers to driving or riding a bike, especially racing games strictly guide users or gamers about how to ride on highways and achieve or attain a high score. So, Traffic Rider rules are clear guidelines for beginners and experts, but wait a minute, what kind of rules?

Traffic Rider rules help you to ride safely on the road and complete as many missions as possible. Traffic Rider APK, a realistic racing game, also has fascinating features to engage users to play it for hours. Some premium bikes are available in its garage on endless highways with different time variations.

Traffic Rider Rules

Want to learn Traffic Rider rules? Traffic Rider has 4 different modes; each mode has its own uniqueness, features, and clear rules; you’ve to keep an eye on traffic while riding to avoid crashing, and much more; today, we’ll discuss all Traffic Rider rules of each mode separately, so let’s move with further ado:

Traffic Rider APK IOS Modes

Career Mode Rules

Career mode, an incredibly fascinating mode, is a list of 78+ levels with 2 massive maps and a bunch of rules. Career mode rules are unique for each level, and there’re 4 different types of levels, and level details are given below:

  • Reach finish in time
  • Ride xx KM in a given time
  • Overtake xx cars in the given period
  • Reach xx Max combo in xx seconds
Traffic Rider Rules - Career Mode

As all these levels are directly proportional to the period, so you’ve to keep an eye on the timer to achieve what levels are demanding without crashing because if you crash your bike with a car or truck, a lot of your time is gone, and you won’t be able to complete the mission in the given period.

Endless Mode Rules

Are you riding your bike in endless mode? The only thing you’ve to avoid is keeping your ride safe, don’t crash your bike; otherwise, your game will end, and you’ve to start the game again from 0 to achieve the best or score higher to maintain your name on the Google Play Services leaderboard.

Time Trial Mode Rules

Get ready: you’re going to ride for the next 100 seconds to achieve higher and earn some quick money, but you’ve to ride attentively using tips and tricks to beat traffic and blocked lanes, as in career mode, time matters, same here as well, so it means if you crash your bike, it’ll affect your time.

Free Ride Mode Rules

Want to ride your bike on endless roads without any rules, so free ride mode is for you, you just have to set the traffic percentage on the road between 0-100%, and then you’re good to go, and if you want to polish your skills and apply new trick on wheels, this mode is designed for practice as well.

Traffic Rider Rules - Free Ride Mode

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s only 1 rule in Traffic Rider is to keep your ride safe and avoid crashing only.

No, if you violate game rules, you’ll be unable to rank your name and complete missions.

No, if you practice and polish your skills, you’ll follow the rules in no time.

By playing career mode, you’ll quickly follow all rules because the mission will be complete only when you follow all rules.

No, crashing is a failure in this game, and failure teaches you to get up and do it more perfectly.


Want to become a pro at riding bikes on endless highways? So you’ve to learn these rules and some tips and tricks to perform better on roads to compete and beat your competitors on the online leaderboard, complete missions, and unlock more.

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